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Monday, 8 December 2014

SubVersion Stop 234: SubVersion's Xmas Drip-Feed 1 - Gappy Tooth Industries (GTI) ticket offer

The SV Xmas Drip-feed is a new occasional series based on the content extravaganza model hyper-accelerated by the information age. 

First is a simple question to give you more incentive to check out the first-listed monthly independent promoters of Oxford in Nightshift Magazine (www.nightshift.oxfordmusic.net) / http://nightshift.oxfordmusic.net/2014/sep.pdf.


Question: GTI (Gappy Tooth Industries), running for the best part of 13 years, has for the last 5 years focused on 3 act shows. This show on Friday 12.12.14 differs. How many acts then, are there this time?

Email your answer with the subject 'GTI' to muttley_subversion@hotmail.co.uk (remember the underscore!) Competition closes 12PM Thursday 11.12.14. You must be an Oxfordshire resident.
First to answer correctly wins the ticket, and also a +1 (bring a friend for free!)

(Note: for ease of giving yourself a good chance, read the thread linked - it's that easy).
Only answers via email will be counted.

Hope to see you there!
Muttley (Foci's Left)

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