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Sunday, 14 December 2014

SubVersion Stop 235: SubVersion Xmas Drip Feed 2 - Foci's Left - Everywhere (Ad Music) EP - Nightshift forum exclusive

SubVersion Xmas Drip-Feed 2 - Foci's Left - Everywhere (Ad Music) EP - Nightshift forum exclusive

*EP Exclusively available in this Nightshift thread*

'Everywhere (Ad Music)' is a collection of short tracks, or 'vignettes' for advertisements worldwide, marking 9 years of Foci's Left sound and music production.

For this project I'm joined by critically acclaimed top 20 album artist, the Italian Bruno Bavota, who lends his light touch to the piano keys on "Everywhere (Interlude)".

Opening the EP meanwhile is "Future Past", a fully realised part for "Grumpy Love" LP, my debut album.

Not previously included in the published project, this track is a personal Foci's Left favourite with synthetic guitar, strings and acoustic bass. Find Nightshift's review of "Grumpy Love" in 'Reviews' here:

http://nightshift.oxfordmusic.net/2013/oct.pdf (Little Fish's Juju and Candy Says on the cover of this one).

"Ball Of Wool I" made part of the Nightshift acclaimed "Eternal Sands" "epic 15 minutes", in "Derelict Career" LP (http://nightshift.oxfordmusic.net/2014/sep.pdf) as a layer, whereas here it's a standalone eerie composition. Dave at http://www.lowlightmixes.blogspot.com likes it too. Check out his ambient mix blog.

"Holding Pattern" is a soporific tune dedicated to my linkworker Jo. Elsewhere two other dedication pieces, "Artemis Song" and "Statto's Song" for two very close friends introduce choral and overdubbed new age elements but without cheese.

Some tracks here are offered as .wav, so you can do stuff to them in highest quality, but if you'd like Mp3s let me know.

This EP has come about as a free download ultimately as thanks for the support. I genuinely appreciate it, as one of the few pushing ambient and drone into different places in the local Oxford establishment.

Recommended if you like or love: After The Thought / Water Paegant / Lee Riley / Paddox / Reidenol / Indica Blues / Flights Of Helios / Manacles Of Acid.

Download and comment here

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