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Sunday, 28 August 2016

30 Day Movie Challenge

01 Fave movie - A Touch Of Chaos
02 Last movie you watched - The Best Of Me (drama flick on Netflix, excellent)
03 Fave action/adventure movie - The Jungle Book
04 Fave horror movie - The Voices (Wuaki.tv broadcast, reviewed on http://www.subvertcentral.blogspot.co.uk)
05 Fave drama movie - The English Patient
06 Fave comedy movie - Bottom: Guest House Paradiso
07 Happy - Ruben Carter - The Hurricane
08 Sad - Ghost
09 Whole script - Philomena
10 Director - Saiorse Ronan
11 Fave childhood movie - Rocky II
12 Animated movie - South Park: The Movie
13 A movie that I used to love but now hate: Titanic
14 Favourite movie quote: "Ditto" ~ Ghost leaving scene.
15 First movie in a theatre - AI
16 Last in a theatre - How I Live Now
17 Best movie in the last year - Prime (starring Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep - a romcom)
18 Most disappointing movie - The Iron Lady (completely lost me halfway through, just like depicted dementia)
19 Favourite actor - Arnold Schwarzenneger
20 Favourite actress - Judie Dench (for 'Philomena')
21 Most overrated movie - The Graduate
22 Most underrated - A Beautiful Mind
23 Favourite movie character - Amelie
24 Favourite documentary - People Just Do Nothing (TV mockumentary); or if we're talking DVD, Jakob Ullman - Sabulation sand dunes film with audio.
25 A movie no-one would expect me to love - Rush Hour 2
26 Guilty pleasure movie - Love, Rosie
27 Classic movie - A Fish Called Wanda
28 Best soundtrack movie - Blade Runner
29 A movie that changed my opinion about something - Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
30 Least favourite movie - American Pie (it's absolute shit)

There you go, handed to you, on a plate - without the bother of having to watch any of them.



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