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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pepper Combos - Like Scotch Eggs, Only Healthier

Michael Robert Buckingham - Personal Pepper Combos - September 2016 - Like Scotch Eggs, Only Healthier (#FN #Foodienoodling

I am noting down a few pepper combos here, as i have not ordered from Curry Paradise, Oxfordshire, since 2014 (too far away mentally).

Some thought that it is too far away is contrasted by the fact Ahmed's curry is also in Witney, but this is quicker send.

OK - stuffed red green and yellow pepper (either or, they all taste the same), stuffed with pork and Hellman's mayo.

Or mayo of any kind would work. This works as it is a binding agent with the insides of the pepper. It also increases flavour and enjoyment of the meat, basically being a marinade if spiced or not, and works equally with minced beef.

Sweet pointed peppers also work, but these are more difficult to see a return on, because they are not round like eggs.

Of course, the peppers, are hollowed out first, some seeds can remain, but the basic criterion is it is much healthier for me than scotch eggs, and much tastier. Stuffed peppers with chicken strips or warmed ham also works. Yes, warmed meat.

This meat can be warmed up in the microwave oven, or in the case of pork or mincemeat, fried or oven cooked.

Mushrooms? Mushrooms are an alternative for veggies, and qualify the addition of herb combos to mix, such as mixed spice, allspice.

Another serving suggestion is using egg mayo filler in the stuffed peppers, or whatever you wish to use. Morrison's in UK, for instance, have a variety of fillers, including coronation chicken, seafood cocktail, cheese and onion (more savoury dish) etcetera etc. The dishes with any stuffed pepper are always more nourishing with properly cooked/heated through peppers, as the taste buds are heightened in sensation, because peppers are basically less strong chilli's that belong to the same family.

Overall, the stuffed pepper is a type of cooking implementation with a lot more to give than you, and I too, may think.

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