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Saturday, 3 June 2017

278: Drumfunk Opacity

Here's one for ya. Drumfunk, the buzzword for drum-driven drum and bass, percussive dance of sorts, as Chris Inperspective of the Technicality label would like to term it, once upon a time (2007). How does it gain its environmental opacity? By opacity I imply the “right ambience”. The right ambience is something we look for heavily in gentrified “mood music”, specifically music for setting a scene. Indeed much “mood” in shorthand is ideal for scoring films, movies, whatever you call them.

Much success, I would think, comes down to the “time bomb ethic” of the drums. The “timbre” of the track. These two things, qualities, et al, are not separate, rather they compliment each other in the “right ambience”. You see where I'm going with this? What I am simply saying is “drumfunk needs the right ambience for its potential to be fully realised, and I think we can all agree what we once hated can turn into things we love”.

Take Paradox Music. To some the drums might sound like washed out cardboard rolling down a hill. To the trained ear crunchy crisp percussions are the order of the day, and for once there's no unnecessary filler side salad; flights of fancy. The discombobulation Nucleus & Paradox turn on the “Fuzz and the Boog” drum hit on the piece “Fuzzy Something” is a timeless, riotous wonder.

To understand is to understate, always. Hence the adjectives, because I will never truly so “get it”.

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