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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

279: Half Sycophant Half Narcissist

Half sycophant, half narcissist
you'll find the wasters raising a fist
they don't have anything else to say
so they get frustrating, grating
taking the heart rate off the spectrum
playing the sycophants heart with a plectrum
also becoming a narcissist in their own right
"I am right and I use my might to talk you down"
hey, at least the sycophantic narcissists have
something in common?
Seems that way, doesn't it.
Oh well, you're a red blooded spanner and you
put your foot in it, didn't you?
That's a way to destroy a relationship
for people who are sycophantic and narcissistic
like you and me, it would come to find out you blew it.

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