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Friday, 3 February 2012

SubVersion Stop 150: A Personally Meaningful 2012 Project Open For Contribution

My Uncle John Buckingham who passed away at 45 years of age from MND.

Hi all,

My folks are trekking up Machu Picchu, Peru on 12th May 2012, raising money for Motor Neurone Disease Association, in memory of my Uncle's death from the condition.

I'm dropping word here with the idea if there's anyone who's enjoyed the projects I've done in the past, and wanted to say thanks - here's something I really believe in helping out.

Our target is £1000, with 37% achieved for this already, but any - and I mean anything, as much as a penny - would go a great deal to aiding a charity that has too little pioneers researching MND.

The info and link to my Mum and Dad's page:

Originally Posted by Mick & Lynn Buckingham

"It is ten years since John was diagnosed with MND, and within four months he passed away on 9th August 2002. Funding for researching this devastating disease is crucial as very little is known about its causes. Equally important is the support a sufferer and his family receives through dwindling NHS resources and the MNDA.This support makes an immense difference to their comfort and quality of life during this difficult time and we are so grateful to everyone who was involved in this. Please donate as much as you can so that their valuable service can continue."


Thanks for reading everyone, hope this finds you well.

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  1. 50% of target reached with £50 coming from Subvert Central in the space of a week! Much appreciated all; remember everything goes straight to the MNDA charity. :)

  2. This letter came through the post last week; I've donated to MNDA before this and it seems they're keeping me informed with worthwhile updates.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Brian Dickie; Director Of MNDA Research Development

    "After years of dedicated and painstaking work, we can announce the identification of a gene - named C9orf72 - that appears to cause nearly 40% of cases of the inherited form of MND. The impact of this discovery will be felt across the entire MND research community, as it sheds new light on both the non-inherited and the inherited forms of MND.


    This single gene opens up countless possible avenues of investigation into the disease. It promises to lead us to new areas of inquiry, understanding and innovation that were completely inaccessible to us before now.

    Now that we have this vital piece of knowledge at our disposal, research teams can take full advantage of the opportunities it offers. In labs around the UK and the world, researchers are drawing up proposals for studies inspired by the C9orf72 discovery. Any one of them could lead to the next major advance in the development of treatments for MND, so we need to be in a position to fund as many of them as possible.

    As you know, research into MND is severely under-funded compared to more common neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, and some of the best of these proposed studies will be impossible to carry out without the backing of the MND Association.


    Over the past three years the MND Association has co-funded research which has uncovered a total of four genes with close links to MND, and we are determined to find more. Each finding adds a piece to the molecular jigsaw puzzle and draws more scientists into MND research to help us put that puzzle together and advance drug discovery.


    The research momentum is building, and we urgently need your continuing support in order to keep it going in the months and years to come."