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Monday, 20 February 2012

SubVersion Stop 151: SubVersion Recommends Muttley - Responsibilities (February 2012)

59:10 - 320kbps - 135MB

01. 00:00 Gordon Giltrap, Carol Lee Sampson & Martin Green - Echoes Of Heaven (Echoes Of Heaven LP, K-Tel, 2012)
02. 03:02 Matt Bartram - Healing (The Dreaming Invisible....... LP, Drifting/Falling, 2011)
03. 09:09 Nest - The Dying Roar (Body Pilot EP, Serein, 2011)
04. 14:12 Robin Guthrie, Eraldo Bernocchi & Harold Budd - Stay With Me (Winter Garden LP, Rarenoise, 2011)
05. 19:35 Marc Atmost - Heliotropic Islands (Above EP, Stasis, 2011)
06. 26:12 Sylvain Chaveau - A Cloud Of Dust (Singular Forms: Sometimes Repeated LP, Type, 2010)
07. 33:44 Barn Owl - Temple Of The Winds (Lost In The Glare LP, Thrill Jockey, 2011)
08. 36:55 Wolves In The Throne Room - Woodland Cathedral (Celestial Lineage LP, Southern Lord, 2011)
09. 42:21 Twinsistermoon - You Can Tell Me No Lies (When Stars Glide Through Solid LP, Blackest Rainbow, 2011)
10. 44:27 June Miller & Mindmapper - Tundra (Give Up The Ghost EP, Horizons, 2012)
11. 49:23 Suzanne Ciani - The Velocity Of Love (Meditations For Dreams, Relaxation And Sleep LP, 2011)
12. 53:49 Gordon Giltrap, Carol Lee Sampson & Martin Green - Walk Beside Me (Echoes Of Heaven LP, K-Tel, 2012)


"Responsibilities" is a gift to the first woman I officially went on a "date" with. Her birthday today, this is a mark of friendship wished, since we both had a nice time. And we concluded that being 'just' friends was the desired outcome. So I gathered 12 tracks, ordering them conceptually to represent my journey on the "date".

Like "Hurt", they map moods and tempos to feelings. E.g: Budd, Guthrie & Bernocchi's "Stay With Me" is my sentimentality of leaving family at Oxford station. While religious tunes from Gordon Giltrap, Carol Lee Sampson & Martin Green taper edges as faith in/out.

"Dating", principally: that's not really me; the idea of assessing something or someone straightforwardly. Because I always grasp essence in physical meeting that there are black and white polarities working. I refuse to be judgemental until the lowest ebb. And I think with any relationship, you've got to keep that level-headedness when you cross a line.

For those tracing history back in my 15 Minutes Of Fame instalments since 2006, see this as a longer counterpart to "Cut Your Losses". Then, in January 2010, I had a very productive month mixing-wise, wholly from freeing myself of hanging onto the past. Productivity has decreased since 2010. That's due to a key sub-theme of "Responsibilities": muse selectivity.

All our motivations differ to some degree or another, whether it's to try out an idea full-on, or deliberately leave room for expansion. But to quote Klute in regard to making music: "As long as you are doing it for the right reasons" - and that's the crux of an ethical viewpoint that leads to creation universally. In other words, if it's undercooked, you shouldn't dish out.

So, part one of this info was to foreground a "date" mapped concept. Then part two is background on "dating" from my perspective. Part three is middling, so I'm now, from the forthcoming part 55 of shorter series 15 Minutes Of Fame, taking the responsibility of backdating each archived mixtape in a triplet: foreground, background, and transcendental introspection - see SV Stop 149. This way an overview is possible via a list format of notes.

As a final thought: "Responsibilities" is the only mix of mine that's fully unmixed. Enjoy!

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