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Thursday, 23 February 2012

SubVersion Stop 152: For The Electronica Lovers...review and mixtape archive 001

Hi folks

The premise of my "For The Ambient Lovers...review and mixtape archive 001" counterpart thread, with over 10,500 views in 8 months at last observation, doesn't apply here. As I'm fully aware Subvert Central, underlying everything, is an Electronica-centric forum news wise, with many threads about Electronica-centric music, as well as science, politics and banter. But what I want to do with this topic is, firstly, prolong the work of my Dogs On Acid "Music And Mixes Of Interest Archive" started in 2006, which amassed over 100 descriptive reviews of Jungle, D&B and things in between. I stopped that to form the SC webzine, TDD, in late 2006, began the SC group blog SubVersion in 2009 with Statto as a firm continuation, so if you don't know me: the zine had thousands of readers, the alongside mix series' many thousands of downloaders and readers.

My plan here, then, is that anyone can join in with recommendations of tunes, albums and mixes, lumped into one thread all about Electronica, which to me constitutes House, Techno, Dubstep, Jungle, Drum & Bass and the various segregated sub-styles, and for the messages to reach as wide and varied an audience as possible. So, this thread will be updated periodically personally, but any further natter and picks from readers would be awesome. I'll start as meaning to go on...

FTEL 001 - February 2012

Colo - Midday Sun EP
Take Records 005 vinyl

Seriously good eight track EP; Take Records' first of 2012, ululating synth on "Never Again" twirls lightly like a feather duster stuffed with confetti, perfectly accenting the broken beats that sensibly step. Last original "Church" follows that tack; sax clusters chisel a lacksaidasical groove, sanding the pieces together and possessing a gummy bassline in progress. George Fitzgerald's remix: proof where "bass music" foreseeably ends, Dubstep tempo is modern comma, punctuates Techno stylism. Ken Kojima aka Nick Anthony Simoncino's ambituous re-rub of "Church" adapts the wandering backing melody of The Cars' "Who's Gonna Drive You Home" and scatterguns a truckload of percussive licks over it; pick of the remixes, but only just - Epoque's "Rick" version half-speeds Hospital Records' golden days.

http://www.takerecords.co.uk/ (out March 12th)

Greenleaf - Cold Soul EP
Lightless Digital download

Booming beats, syncopation - not two things that always work really well together. But on "Cold Soul", New Orleans subvert Greenleaf bears testament to persistence in confluence. "Who", for example, stews Droppin' Science junglism to choppy waters, not unlike the path laid by Paradox in his 2004 breakbeat mission - more drums, more funk, less cheese, no junk heard. Except when every drum workout starts to sound the same. That's a fair criticism of the musical area, but assuredly on "Cold Soul" there's more to Greenleaf's title subversion than bass warmth. The atmospheres straddle 90s tablature to fork out old sensibilities, and the difference is the edits are readily alternated. Consequently boredom thresholds many heads tired from even after finding "the good shit" vanishes. "Mercy Funk VIP?" Merci.


June Miller - Give Up The Ghost EP

Horizons Music CD / vinyl / download

June Miller, the duo of Mark Mcann and Bert Van Djik, could be spited for associations with now nails-on-blackboard Drum & Bass labels including Renegade Hardware. Whereas "Give Up The Ghost" benefits from collaborations with established deeper soundsmiths like Instra:Mental, IChiOne guest Mindmapper and female Tracey Chapman-alike Gonnie Case, for now multi-genre imprint Horizons Music. "Neurosis (140 mix)" is the obvious choice for Burial fans, but excess soul turns saccharine with more knowledge and maturity, so I'm inclined to vote for "Tundra" as the lasting spirit exciter. Gorgeous 'verbed guitar granules mix up with tunnel-richocheted Latin percussion overlays, firm offbeat rhythms, and a vibe recalling a more restrained Arcon 2. Six very good tunes, one generic tech tune from Amoss.


2 Mixes To Begin

Tim - Reaper - Mix For Rhythm Incursions

Originally Posted by Rhythm Incursions

"Tim Reaper is a young Jungle/D&B producer I was introduced to by the always on it Joe Muggs. Since then his SoundCloud page has been a regular stopping point, especially when I need an amen fix (check his "Amen Warfare" mini mix for some chopped up bliss).

As always one thing leading to another we got chatting on Twitter and we invited Tim to deliver a mix for the show, which he did in the shape of this short but intensely sweet mini mix. With only two years’ producing experience under his belt, Tim’s already showing the kind of flair that bodes well for the future, especially in his ability to reconcile the sounds and vibes of Jungle’s golden era with its various modern incarnations and evolutions. He’s had releases on Trace’s DSCI4 label and forthcoming ones on Inperspective among others – there’s plenty forthcoming he tells us, so be sure to keep an eye out."

01. Ricky Force – All Kinda Style [Space Amazon Dub]
02. Discography & Tim Reaper – He Feels Like A Carpet [Dub]
03. Jazzsteppa & Foreign Beggars – Raising The Bar (Stray Remix) [Studio Rockers]
04. Jedi – Robber Baron (Gremlinz & Rene LaVice Remix) [Bad Concept]
05. LXC – I Know U [Bustle Beats Dub]
06. Future & Stranjah – The List [Dub]
07. Tim Reaper – Congo Bad [Dub]
08. Optimystic – Roots (Relapse’s Bleeding Roots Remix) [Dub]
09. Double O – Africa Sweetness [Hidden Hawaii]
10. Flatliners – Dub Tune (Jaybee Remix) [Dub]
11. Phuture-T – Waterhouse Dub [Dub]
12. DJ Trace – Final Chapta VIP [Dub]
13. Tim Reaper – Call My Name [Free Download]
14. Theory – Dirty Tricks [Translation]
15. Parallel & Tim Reaper – The Sound [Inperspective Dub]
16. Champa B – Bodies [Scientific Wax Dub]
17. Tim Reaper – From The Top [Free Download]
18. Nolige – The Drift [Free Download]

Download on SC

The Night Kitchen Podcast: Feb 2012

Originally Posted by InfiniteSloth

This mix has been long in the works and I'm glad to finally be able to post about it. Wanted to give an upbeat and quirky intro to the PCMS/Drum Funk sound.


"Well worth the wait, this incredible Jungle ‘n’ drumfunk mix is crafted by Nic TVG from Los Angeles. It’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed new/current Drum & Bass that these sounds were like an 8am wake-up call - caffeine to my ears. Warning - this mix may be addictive, and go into heavy rotation 'pon your iTunes. Enjoy!"

01. Baked Beans vs Toshi Ichiyanagi - Appearance
02. Nic TVG - A Mouse Among Monsters (Takeshi Nakamura’s Rhythm and Noise Mix) [Pinecone Moonshine]
03. Sub - So Finster die Nacht (Fracture’s Astrophonica Mix) [Pinecone Moonshine]
04. Fanu - Brotz [Pinecone Moonshine]
05. Takeshi Nakamura - 4 [Pinecone Moonshine]
06. Pieter K - Set the Record Straight [Inperspective]
07. Macc & dgoHn - July 39th [Subtle Audio]
08. Nic TVG - No Truth in Tuning (Mixed Media Version) [Pinecone Moonshine]
09. Icarus - Uke ‘Em [Not Applicable]
10. Sub - Tensions [Subtle Audio]
11. Macc & dgoHn & Nic TVG - TTT [Pinecone Moonshine]
12. Nic TVG - A Mouse Among Monsters [Subtle Audio]
13. dgoHn - Summit [Pinecone Moonshine]
14. Intense - Time Space Continuem [Rugged Vinyl]

Download on SC

Ta all, and looking forward to getting this stone rolling.

For The Electronica Lovers...review and mixtape archive 001


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