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Thursday, 14 February 2013

SubVersion Stop 178: What do you think is your favourite NAME of artist ever?

An interesting one this. Relatively new member J12 asked "we talk just the name not the artist itself...". His choices are "Photek... and Dillinja ;)" It immediately got me to question why we like artist names initially, or if they're just extensions of a sound we came to like. Stuff including phonetics of the name can weave into the sound of the producer when we listen to them, when we're not listening to them, and when we cross paths.

My choice was easy: Ateleia. I had built such a strong connection with the syllabic associations of "At" and "telephony" in shorthand that, combined with the most moving music I have ever listened to, Ateleia straight away sprung up like a floodlight in the mind. My second choice would be Oneohtrix Point Never, purely by coincedence that he was front-covered in The Wire for February, and some previous liking of Daniel's music.

From reading the other 23 responses, we can see that humour and novelty value play roles in why people like certain names over others'. "I like these mostly because they make me laugh..." says Ian Patterson. There are names making others laugh - we see Statto and Sir Loris Of Crowthorne laughing about cube's inclusion of "Andy C". "I always thought Phantom Audio was a great name for a label as well." adds NVious.

On the whole, the names and their subject matter have a certain originality to them, something seemingly unborrowed. Contribute your name here for more opinions.

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