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Thursday, 28 February 2013

SubVersion Stop 181: Muttley - Golden Ratio Mix - dedicated to Droid & Zvuku

The "Golden Ratio" mix started life as a concept set - to be sent to noisniks Droid & Zvuku of www.weareie.com. The plan in Droid's words was to "send me six of these, 6-10 minutes each, that we'll then take to the studio to process". My end of the bargain was complete, but Droid was so busy with family life he had to cancel.

The total runtime is 1hr, 1 minute, 3 seconds. I ensured there would be space for overlapping, processing and FX from any remixer. So that's the craic of the "Golden Ratio"...

~ Who is up for remixing any of these six parts included in the ZIP file? :)

For certain - you can listen to the whole set on an 'as is' basis. Please share on Facebook (I don't use it), SoundCloud link if possible, talk about the mix. I think it's my best yet in 9 years of heavily mixing. I wonder who can come up with a fresh set from these parts though? ;)

Be well, and thanks for reading and consuming "Golden Ratio". Dedicated to Droid and Zvuku - bless, lads.

Download "Muttley - Golden Ratio"

01 - Muttley - Inter Mix

Featuring Motion Sickness Of Time Travel, Antonymes, Foci's Left, Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd.

02 - Muttley - Canyons Of Lanterns

Featuring Andrew Lahiff, ASC, Tomas Weiss & Anthony Paul Kerby, Bruno Sanfillipo, Simon Scott.

03 - Muttley - New Beginnings (Tidal Darkening)

Featuring Deaf Center, Daniel Thomas Freeman, Afzhellarshom, Leyland Kirby.

04 - Muttley - Keep Dreaming, Keep Your Soul Alive

00:00 Zvuku - Logpile (Other Room Listening, Futuresequence, 2012)
00:00 Chaz Knapp - Love (Finger LP, 2010)
00:00 Geoff Gersh - Winter's Day End (These Predicaments LP, 2009)
01:45 Robin Guthrie, Eraldo Bernocchi & Harold Budd - Dream On (Winter Garden LP, 2011)
02:18 Last Harbour - Never (Paul Gregory remix) (Escape Was All I Ever Meant LP, Little Red Rabbit, 2012)
03:51 Bersarinn Quartett - Hier Und Jetzt (II LP, Denovali, 2012)
04:50 Daniel Lanois - Todos Santos (Belladonna LP, 1987)
10:00 end

05 - Muttley - The Perfect Ten

00:00 Maps And Diagrams - The Sea Of Mamara (Lights Will Call On You LP, 2012)
00:01 Greg Haines - Ernetti (Digressions LP, Preservation, 2012)
00:17 Bengalfuel - Crevices (Lowe EP, Hibernate, 2010)
01:21 Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - Late Summer Dreams (Red Tide LP, Hooker Vision, 2011)
03:22 The Caretaker - Now The Night Is Over (Patience [After Sebald] OST)
03:50 ASC - A Song For Hope (Out Of Sync LP, Auxiliary, 2012)
08:36 end

06 - Muttley - Namaste

00:00 Greg Haines - Azure (Digressions LP, Preservation, 2012)
00:06 Robin Guthrie, Eraldo Bernocchi & Harold Budd - South Of Heaven (Winter Garden LP, Rarenoise, 2011)
00:27 Last Days - Hanami (For Nihon LP, Unseen Records Japan Earthquake Benefit LP, 2011)
01:23 Bat For Lashes - Siren Song (Two Suns LP, One Little Indian, 2009)

1:01:03 end


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