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Sunday, 17 February 2013

SubVersion Stop 180: Foci's Left - Piano Paint (Grumpy Love LP, Sampler 1)

07:16 - 16MB - 320kbps

The first showcase of my debut album, "Grumpy Love", due in 2013. This is track two, "Piano Paint". White Blush said: "This is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing this! It sounds like it's meant to be part of a film score". "Searching, evolving, introspective yet ultimately uplifting; perfectly untidy and thoroughly enjoyable as a result" ~ Bob Macc. "Very nice " ~ Dwarde. "Oh man pure awesomeness!!! Cheers dude :)" ~ Daniel Crossley, Fluid Radio. As thanks for the support, I'm offering this as a free download on SoundCloud. Mastering by the always impeccable Subvert Central Mastering.

I hope you enjoy. More comments would be very much appreciated. Mick :)

If you like this, why not try (and buy?) Foci's Left - "FTAL Attraction". Lyrics and EP information enclosed in each track on Bandcamp: www.focisleft.bandcamp.com

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