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Friday, 12 April 2013

SubVersion Stop 187: Foci's Left - Not Seeing Reality (Grumpy Love LP, Sampler 2)


The second free download from my forthcoming debut album, "Grumpy Love". This is track 1, "Not Seeing Reality". Bob Macc of SC Mastering commented: "My overwhelming thought about it was how well it fits with/continued on from Piano Paint; if the rest of the album develops like this then it's going to be a glorious ride :)".

While Code of Subtle Audio mentioned: "Just been listening to 'Not Seeing Reality' - nice to hear something so free from shackles and conformity. Love the out of tune bits here and there, give a nice edge. Macc's comment is actually nail on the head - 'perfectly untidy and thoroughly enjoyable as a result".

These tracks have chronology over my life - this being a collage of emotions up until the age of 16 when I started painting, and the emotions of how to combat delusions. I was "Not Seeing Reality" for so much of this time, and to my detriment, for I could have progressed in so many more things. However that is the past, and this is part of the future: neurological processing of a large portion of time when I forgot more than I remembered.

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