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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

SubVersion Stop 188: The Month In D&B - Proper Selector Code Rolls Informally, Tastefully Out

Great news from the SC forum this Wednesday, as we are informed a new show is set up to collate all the essential Jungle & D&B releases, month on month. But made all the better with the knowledge that the threadstarter was Subtle Audio & Bustle Beats' Code, who skilfully put on events in his native Ireland for 10 years as part of NuKillaBeats.

Imagine if the podcast grew with: a) fan requests for tracks, b) worldwide samplage procreating a community atmosphere, that could c) feed back into the forum's initial radical impetus for change in the true Drum & Bass underground? The possibilities are endless, and this edition is a very promising start.

Originally posted by Code of Subtle Audio & Bustle Beats on Subvert Central

Hey all,

Kicking off this new podcast to round up the best releases available on general release for each month in Drum & Bass / Jungle.

It can be difficult to keep track of all the new tunes coming out these days with so many formats and distribution methods being used. This podcast will help you to home in on the important beats of each month by including all the unmissable material in an hour long mix by me

The Month In D&B Blog will host direct downloads to mp3s of the show and will give release details of the tracks played, some tid-bits on the artists etc.

You can subscribe to the podcast feed here ---> http://feeds.feedburner.com/themonthindrumandbass

Soundcloud archive ---> https://soundcloud.com/the-month-in-d-b

Mixcloud archive ---> http://www.mixcloud.com/Code_SubtleA...n-db-archives/

March Tracklisting

01. Naibu – Aki VIP (Naibu Bandcamp)
02. S.T. Files & Response – Nailbomb (Ingredients)
03. Felix K – Forsaken (Apexx)
04. Actraiser – Dark Bride (Offworld)
05. Doc Scott – Paradise Lost (Soul Intent Remix) (Stepback Sessions Vol 4)
06. Digital & Spirit – Backlash (Remix) (Phantom Audio)
07. Infest – The One That Hides Us (Omni Music)
08. Seba – What’s Your Fantasy (Secret Operations)
09. Homemade Weapons & Gremlinz – Ruff Age (Architecture)
10. Rufige Kru – Vanilla VIP (Metalheadz - Free Download)
11. Dub One – The Spirit Within (Dub One Bandcamp)
12. Double O – Soul Warrior (Rupture London)
13. Dwarde – Algid (Scientific Wax Digital)
14. Fallen Angels (Alex Reece & Wax Doctor) – Taken Over (Creative Wax - Free Download)

Hope ya dig

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