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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

SubVersion Stop 189: TDD Chapter 4 - The Blues Cause - Now available!

A stripped down, Mp3 player friendly, digestible-in-one-sitting read from Muttley, aka Foci's Left (producer), aka Mick Robert Buckingham.

Within The Dastardly Diaries Chapter 4 lies a tackling of "the blues cause" as an overarching theme, and music of this quality to soothe.

Inside you're getting:

TDD Chapter 4 ClipZIP - four full length, high quality tracks from post-rockers Audiocaeneat!, (Jungle) experimentalist GlassBox, and enuui (Ambient). Plus 11 more specially chosen audio clips from the likes of Code, Paradox, Atoms For Peace (Thom Yorke's new project) and Boduf Songs. That's 15 new sounds in all!

Through The Looking Glass (TL), Lughole Lubricants (LL) and Mind's Ear (ME) provide sections for discussion on how music heals the blues, with retrospective selections of great amounts of great content. Meta language - where things seem to be wrong - remains a strong feature of decompiling the fusions present.

Lawrence English's excellent "A Young Person's Guide To Hustling In Music And The Arts" rounds out the scripted package with choice insights on how you can play ball musically.

Finally, along with a selection of fine images, Muttley has contributed a 3 deck Jungle / Drum & Bass mix called "Transients" to the ZIP archive.


Here (169 MB)

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