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Thursday, 1 July 2010

SubVersion Stop 94: Muttley - Words Can Burn A Happy Home (July 2010)

Photo: Robbie Williams

If you can't detect differences between the homely and absurd, it's probable that there's trouble with your head in relation to your heart. So we have car boot sales to remove the physical things, tipping materiality against personal value, redeeming items we keep as more worthwhile. But when there's a mental upset that leaves us exposed or raw, it's not always that easy to trade memories for cremation of the very thoughts we despise. Patterns and habitual mindsets grow from the unconscious, causing us to retrospect our past, the losses we've made, and what we can gain from experience. Knowing this isn't necessarily a safe road to success, however. Truth and denial constrict the fundamental, scouring our brain's hemispheres, where conscience tells us what's right. And if we lack this, then there's a heavy price to pay, one that threatens to tear our theories limb from limb if we haven't been listening.

Speech, generally, gives us the vehicle to put right these qualms and render the ego-nature helpless to alteration. But as a contradiction, it can also quash the development of strong, righteous behaviour, filtering it. Beneficial righteousness can take the line of assertiveness, where we tell each other without passive aggression our problems, what we want to do with them, and if they're worth our handling from customs to doorstep. If left untempered, biting one's tongue is a worthless counter-action in hindsight of a storm being born.

"Words Can Burn A Happy Home", the 41st instalment in my mixtape chain, is centred. I've collected awe-inspiring ambience that leaves me speechless, segued it into a post-electronic-rock hybrid from Port-Royal, tagging the foundation connection of Robbie Williams' "Toxic" to leave participants with desired food for thought. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can burn a happy home, it's true. I've got words for you" sings Williams on his b-side to "Eternity". Inherently, I channel emotions from my environment with 15 Minutes Of Fame. The subject here is a friend who needs to be told, despite their years, where they're going wrong. But I refuse going into details, as I respect them too much. This is the second set which is tight to twenty minutes, partly inspired by nrvnet's THC 20[12] concept.


00:00 Altus - Darker Skies Toward The Horizon (from Black Trees Among Amber Skies, 2010)
02. 01:01 Adam Michalak - Sixth Colour (from Seven Colours, 2010)
03. 02:49 Chihei Hatakeyama - Light Drizzle (from The River, 2009)
04. 04:47 Loren Dent - Masters And Slaves (from Empire Milk, 2007)
05. 05:30 Gareth Hardwick - Lost In The Memory (from the split with Machinefabriek, 2007)
06. 06:51 Foci's Left - Regurgitated Impulses (David Tagg remix) (from the "Spillage" EP, 2010)
07. 08:28 Port-Royal - Anya Sehnsucht (from Afraid To Dance, 2007)
08. 16:09 Robbie Williams - Toxic (B side to Eternity, 2001)


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