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Monday, 5 July 2010

SubVersion Stop 95: Muttley - Bloodied - for www.dibmusic.blogspot.com

Bleeding is a metaphor for every problem and solution. Scratching the surface recklessly chances spillage, whereas the reformation yields periods to recuperate. "Bloodied" sketches these descriptions into movements, where I chose tunes with characteristic likeness to the bleeding process. Softness of touch gradually hardens towards Talvihorros; outpouring of rain from the Loscil track layers under my "Breath Of Peace"; later, currents of drone, piano, and static represent the healing of a cut. I've been aware of DIB's recommendations for years, and as some were indispensible, it's an honour to contribute a guest mix to his blog.


Movement 1 – Scratching The Surface

00:00 Will Long – Nr. 4 Melting Underfoot (from Advent, Parvo Art, 2010)
02:11 Aless – Keepsake (from I’mmobile, Distance Recordings, 2010)
02:04 Talvihorros – And Then They Walked Into The Sea (from Music In Four Movements, Hibernate, 2010)

Movement 2 - Spillage

05:42 Foci’s Left – Breath Of Peace (unreleased, 2010)
05:51 Loscil – Endless Falls (from Endless Falls, Kranky, 2010)
10:49 David Tagg – Pentecost 2 (from Pentecost, Install, 2010)
11:28 Ibreathefur – A Curvature (from Phosphenes, Audio Gourmet, 2010)

Movement 3 – The reformation

14:57 Automobile, Swift – Slow Ocean (from Enemy, Enemy, Heat Death Records, 2010)
17:44 Volcano The Bear – The Colour Of My Find [stretched excerpt] (from The One Burned Ma, Misra Records, 2000)
21:47 Alexander Thomas – Untitled (archived recording, unreleased, 2010)

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