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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

SubVersion Stop 96: Muttley - Imagined Romance (July 2010)

"Imagined Romance" soundtracks onlookers perceiving romance unfold, or anticipating romance that's realized as inert. Whenever life proposes negotiable romance, "Imagined Romance", composed of tracks with romantic overtones, replies as additive intervention. It climaxes with Piano Magic's demure piano, drums and violin on "You Never Loved This City". Frontman Glen Johnson croons "but angel, it loves you", impressioning a physical intimacy. If romance infuses my future, I can use "Imagined Romance" as counterflow without a shred of waste.


01. 00:00 Coldstream - Alarums (from Alarums, Under The Spire, 2010)
02. 02:36 Eluvium - Nightmare 5 (from Similes, Temporary Residence, 2010)
03. 05:00 Harold Budd & Brian Eno - An Echo Of Night (from The Pearl, Editions EG Records, 1984)
04. 05:03 Vincent Kuhner - Fourth (from the Hiatus EP, Audio Gourmet, 2010)
05. 05:13 Brian Mcbride - Piano ABG (from When The Detail Lost Its Freedom, Kranky, 2007)
06. 08:34 Antonymes - They Have Not Seen The Stars (from Beauty Becomes The Enemy Of The Future, Cathedral Transmissions, 2010)
07. 10:07 F.S Blumm & Nils Frahm - Writing Letters To Myself (from Music For Lovers, Music Versus Time, Sonic Pieces, 2010)
08. 11:21 Klimek - Sound Of Confusion (from Movies Is Magic, Anticipate, 2009)
09. 11:46 Infinite Body - A Fool Persists (from Carve Out The Face Of My God, Post Present Medium, 2009)
10. 14:49 Piano Magic - You Never Loved This City (from Ovations, Darla, 2009)


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