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Saturday, 9 April 2011

SubVersion Stop 116: Algiversal Mix 1: Muttley - Armless Salvation (April 2011)

Algiversal Mix 1 - Muttley - Armless Salvation
38:00 - 87MB - 320kbps



00:00 Adrian Johnston - Rose Garden (Becoming Jane O.S.T)
00:00 Spheruleus - There Are More Than Four Walls (Tales From The Labyrinth)
00:00 Danny Paul Grody - Covered Mirrors (Fountain)
00:00 / 01:03 Jan Linton - Raining Tomorrow 1+2 (Communion II)
00:00 Atomic Skunk - Rhino (Alchemy)
00:38 Harold Budd & Clive Wright - Prelucid (Little Windows)
00:50 Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek - Kites (Blank Grey Canvas Sky)
00:58 Max Richter - Infra 7 (Infra)
00:58 Antonymes - My Salvation [37 minute timestretch] (Beauty Becomes The Enemy Of The Future)
01:31 Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Road Less Travelled (Lost All Faith)
01:49 Eluvium - After Nature (Copia)
02:11 Steve Roach - Sleep & Dreaming (Quiet Music)
02:25 36 - Siren (Hollow)
03:08 Death Register - Untitled (C40 cassette)
04:01 Deaf Center - Time Spent (Owl Splinters)
04:25 Brian Eno - Drift (Apollo)
04:40 Efterklang - Full Moon (Magic Chairs)
06:56 Alaska - Aerosoul [breakdown] (Virtual Virtuosos]
05:33 Brian Mcbride - Toll Theme Pt.3 (The Effective Disconnect)
07:04 Small Things On Sundays - I Know You [The Dinosaur's Calling] (Recalling)
07:31 Murralin Lane - We Hear Are Birds (Our House Is On The Wall)
06:44 Luke Twyman - Beginning (All That Glitters)
07:27 Chihei Hatakeyama - Towards A Tranquil Marsh (Minima Moralia)
07:58 Atomic Skunk - Equinox (Alchemy)
08:09 Quosp - Geihns (Soundscapes II)
09:35 One Day Soon - Everything Was Still (The Deepest Truths Never Get Told)
10:35 Balmorhea - Unknown (Live recording)
12:13 Johann Johannsson - End Theme (And In The Endless Pause Came The Sound Of Bees)
12:19 Hammock - The Whole Catastrophe (Chasing After Shadows...Living With The Ghosts)
12:39 Calyx - Chasing Shadows (No Turning Back)
13:02 DJ Trax & Nucleus - Depth Of Field (Set Menu Vol.1)
14:09 V/Vm - Shadowsand (365 project)
14:16 / 22:31 Formication - The Condemned Piano Part 2 (Darkwinter)
18:29 Lee Riley - Guitar VII (Eyeless)
18:59 Nils Frahm - Corn (Explorers Club 7, Reyjavik)
19:44 Natural Snow Buildings - Through Breaches In The Layer Of Fog (Waves Of The Random Sea)
21:04 Ibunshi - Asylum (Unsigned)
22:16 Aaron Dugan & Jeff Arnal - APP (Dog Day)
23:06 Entharsis - Boundless Wonder (Global Connections Mp3)
22:42 The Caretaker - A Summer Romance (Songs From The Haunted Ballroom)
22:55 Radiohead - Videotape (In Rainbows)
25:51 Bonobo - The Keeper (Black Sands)
28:33 Damian Valles - Umbra (In The Shadow Of The Occluded Body)
30:04 Fursaxa - Desire (Kobold Moon)
32:45 Duotone - In The Evening (Work Harder And One Day You'll Find Her)
36:07 David Sylvian - The Healing Place (Gone To Earth)

Arms weaken without salvation

If you wondered where this 26-letter adaptation arose, it's from a vastly different area: business. I'm no materialist, but I'd suggest, for creative types: get Ken Hudson's "The Idea Generator". Dozens of base concepts, stimulating across tangential control.

As ambience misses industry, insecurity encyclopedias can anchor balance plans. And creators aren't single authority - just a benchmark for qualitative predilection. That's the idea of my accompanying 38 minute mix - to dispose contrivances, ever populating niche music opinion. A vacuum melt that Tom Jenkinson sucked out the gateau on his "...Everything" mini CD.

So, there's some drums, but accented by drones. Melodies glue the narrative together in multidimensional ways. If I listen back to "Armless Salvation" in even a month, I'll have found more ideas to add to chain reaction articles. Within a week of the first thought, this published, and you could involve yourself too - you're always welcome to send an email.

People try and push squares - we could make triangles

Size matters when Maslow's Pyramid crumbles. Only then. Zero needs - Nestle tubes, most of the time. We don't really 'need' anything in life - it's one drone forward, another pad forward. Ambient music will always be there to help you up. Next we'll delve further into the alphabet. A Black To Comm: "1968" way - hopefully.

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