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Sunday, 3 April 2011

SubVersion Stop 114: Breaking Through Dawn - Mother's Day

Mother's Day's been okay here. She's happy, we're humbled. So I've decided to dig out my 2006 CD gift, and publish it online.

All mothers have everlasting logic. Leaving it out, just lovingly. Mum's spirit inhabits us like Brahma: everywhere.

A deep anxiety, reductionism sedative. Imparted by other families, passed on wisely.

They share the things I know and love, with those of my kind. Doing to protect, nourish and brush off mosquitoes. Never choosing to sting toes madly.

I was 18 when I made "Breaking Through Dawn", often spending £50 a week on fresh D&B vinyl. Recording, converting to CD-R via Wav editors, I ended up with 500 base files, all keepers. Winding down with eBay purchases; tired of checking D&B heavily post-2007.

3 deck live mixing, first time CD-housed. 3 tracks mixed for 4 minutes, most tunes edited. The Aphex track, my favourite from him, was my first track editing attempt. I still quite like that bitcrush of The Alpha Rhythm's guitar intro.

In love or loss, please keep your head up for me. Days like these are what we look back on in years to come, and they shape our individual destiny in the long run. Mother's belong, so here's a little song for mine.

Breaking Through Dawn Set-list:

Walk 1 - Party

Sonic - The Alchemist (Space Recordings, 2005)
Matrix & Danny J - Vertigo (Metro, 2000)
ICR - Dislike (Covert Operations Sub. 3 LP, 2005)
SKC & Safair - Free My Soul (Hospital, 2003)
Lamb - Gorecki [Global Communications Mix] (Universal Music)

Walk 2 - Home

Blue - My Mind Is Going [bass 'n' filter edit] (Subvert Central Vol.1 EP, 2005)
Yanni - Prelude (BMG)
AFX feat. The Alpha Rhythm - Rhubarb Medicine (Clocking the Herbal Mix)

Walk 3 - We Remembered

ICR - Uprise (Daytrip CD, 2005)
Artificial Intelligence - Switch On (Klute's Commercial Suicide 12', 2004)
Omni Trio - Who Are You? (Moving Shadow, 1997)
Hellfish - News Head (Meat Machine Broadcast System, Planet Mu, 2005)
Pieter K - Rapport (Offshore EP, 2003)
Klute - Saviour (CS 2CD, 2006)
Pieter K - All Things (Everything All The Time LP, Breakbeat Science, 2002)


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