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Monday, 11 April 2011

SubVersion Stop 117: Atomic Skunk - Alchemy LP (Organic Robot Records)

Alchemy: two to one - begs query - "do you want me here or gone?" Book-wise, Allan Poe wrote haunting macabre. Musically, Richard Ashcroft's "The Drugs...", an ode to terminal illness. Rich Brodsky, aka Atomic Skunk, is also human. Publically, he updated fans about his life/death brain tumour 2010. Gladly cured; standing tall today.

For sound chemistry, Skunk is shrewd - no Pepe Le Peu. Binary Scenes, Rich's debut, was stunning Middle-Eastern drone stew. "Temple Of Stars", Alchemy closer, a nod to its angelicism. While "Serpent And Rose" gentrifies John Balance to Western climate. Stuttering synths, mahogany-graff paint. Indeed, persistent tradition of finish tame Brodsky's "Rhino" heart, before charge, with utmost tranquility.

Connecting fearful language, produces fight/flight response. Socio-habitat rewires over time, like a Bond flick with weapon clips out. Brodsky isn't loaded, no Goldmember. His idea: bargain bucket deals, in return for help financing CDs. Alchemy 'pledge' gems, included: 2 for 1 CD offers; signed discs; back cat discount. Stable economists: state-of-art guitar; a specially composed track; keyboards; samplers.

Catharsis, from Coldplay-tinted "Sunwheel", signals nil displeasure. Before clocks tick, its "Ghosts And Angels" in Pandora's Box. Purchase at uni-chemist, so Atomic Skunk can provide artistic fountain. "Equinox" forever, only one way. Armstrong, Fitzgerald - positive New Age is here to stay.

Buy signed "Alchemy" 6-Panel Digipak CD, and receive immediate Bandcamp download

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