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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

SubVersion Stop 125: Jan Linton remixes Fm3 - Buddha Machine Music (Entropy M-Series 007)

Inter-race migration: mythology, attire, stubborn vows, is no 'real' biggie for Buddhism. The irrational toss knives, splitting Yolk without heat. But jeopardy Ouija for the Buddhist, promotes God-inside-yourself. So we have Entropy giving life to Jan Linton's reworkings of Fm3 in its seventh mini CD.

With Triphop and one D&B Bauhaus cover for "Communion II", Linton's no stranger to sensuality. Here, he's resampling Fm3's lauded ambience device. In a short, six edit affair, there's cleansed detritus on offer - and no Dark Ambient cliches. "Maoduhinan Bla" penetrates warmly, next it's noisier melange. Echoing work with Duran Duran's John Taylor, his guitar mangles rectory, in combine harvester, schizo-soothed affinity.

Pure Ambient fiends, fear not: "Wu Song" delves deeper into glitch. Spread relaxation bedding on "Shengxiaozhong" impresses, but it's "Zhongruan Ceng Yu", the longest by far, that astounds, it's main instrument floating atop toned loop. "Yang (Infinite Delay)" closes; the glazed work of Boards Of Canada and Shaula adjoined; but not at organised scripture, where several religious calamities arise.

As with any conjured mass, the greater the teachings, the bigger the effect, whereby "Buddha Machine Music" meditates with you like moths to cans of Red Stripe. Fluttering in the background, clouding up enclosed space, Linton moves Fm3's instrumental chant towards a comprehensive prayer: a feat past life regression if you've 22 minutes to spare.

Sample and purchase via the Entropy SoundCloud

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