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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

SubVersion Stop 133: Duotone + Jane Griffiths & Colin Fletcher @ Warneford Chapel, Oxford

Kitted out like an ark for Matrix Neo-folk gaggle, OCM's MIND-sponsored education and outreach showcase soon sells out. All proceeds going to Artscape, tonight shimmers into action slowly with Jane Griffiths & Colin Flectcher on violin and guitar. Reminiscent of classical aficionado Gavin Bryars' sunken sooth, the performance goes tooth for tooth with Cornish/Irish/Scottish piece historics. We're left with giddy aftertaste and resolutions that are always fresh. A cover of Dylan's "Let You Feel My Love" sounds more poignant here than Bob could manage with a Best Of - free of framing, unpredictably alternative. On their last instrumental jig, about a Staffyn corrugated tin hut, bumpy guitar traction rides across the strings, perfectly in time for Barney Morse-Brown and James Garrett to take the reins.

It's 'tone Cleudo in the Chapel as the pair walk to stage, black hats tipped, two acoustics, one electric, percussion and zxylophone, with no determined direction. This is the first time I've seen Barney non-solo and it's a hugely welcome surprise. Whereas his Holywell support to Balmorhea last year centred on looped guitar and cello, here it's akin to coastline attacking and receding, always infused with innature and mystery. Raevennan Husbandes, new female vocalist featuring on their album out October 3rd, gives the event a sunkist attribute, arbitrary The Cinematic Orchestra and Enigma likeness.

Instrumentally, sounds slip and slide against mics and pedals, and the venue acoustics lift any swamped or lonely output towards homely, heartfelt emotiveness. Jane and Colin re-appear as members of Barney and James' The Quintones, a noticeable and powerful departure along with Brown and Garrett; "Nightwalk" assembled from playing Cleudo itself. After an encore from "You Don't Need Church", Barney returns for "Work Harder...", the title track from Duotone's last album, and you couldn't ever say he and company hadn't earnt the right for that applause.

Garrett Brown Music: website
Griffiths & Fletcher: MySpace

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