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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

SubVersion Stop 127: SC Digital 012 - Soundclash 005

The paragraph, nowadays cultured, is stuck in a stories-within-stories, typsetted ambivalence made up of the sweetest coconut lines, then the most bitter nectar. Our mind is no longer designed to program in the simple sequentials. Or if we are able to grasp them, they are lost in a mire of copy as allocates your attention span. Like a scratch card: only so many chances to boost empathy credit before confidence in commerce, and communication for that matter, wilts away.

Holler at your SC Soundclash. Run by Euphony and Statto, this compilation collates the ten best submissions for SC Digital Spring 2011, so rather than one tune disappearing from hard-drive vision, you receive an album's worth of fresh talent to strike a prize with aurally. Euphony writes: "The forum has helped me meet some great people across the years, and gain some great production tips. I also owe to the label, as they hosted my first ever release by winning a previous Soundclash competition. So it was my way of giving my support back to them and continuing the SC Digital legacy, that has seen releases from some great producers over the years, such as Macc, Dissident, Pilote, and Z-No to name just a few."

When reviewing modern D&B with the jaded cap snug on, we're inevitably set to encounter one to two bar loops, techstep fissure poisoning palette from Vancouver to Brixton. But also an airgun-noise dynamic, where track/track agony awaits the breakbeat conniseur, and pseud's corner euphoria glances out the window. "Take your eyes off the road for an instant and you'll do or say, interview or schedule something that is so uncredible that all that hard work of gaining yourself a reputation will seem like a complete waste of time" wrote Simon Bates in his My Tune autobiography. Does this explain why shifting outsider press eats its innards until discrimination time, rather than praise the wound it may have created? Forever debatable until proven innocent, and arguments aren't what SubVersion is about.

Furthermore the album or compilation format isn't dictated by being dancefloor or home listening; the garbled subconscious principle that time-saver journalists with too many blunts will feed you. No, like a classical composition, there's movements within nothing (to thin air), and impermanent beat mechanics; making one minute seem a split second in the right dose - consonance obliterated if you're a Remarc fan. Accurate thusly to prescribe a favourite of Soundclash 5, with mine being SpeaK's "Silence". Doc Scott and DJ SS entrapped in a sampler sparring session.

Given that byline, how does SpeaK feel about his post-jungle being promoted with backing of credible sources? "Naturally I'm damn happy about it! Personal progress is always the most important thing for me, but that doesn't mean I won't be super glad to get recognition" he explains. Luck will have listeners otherwise that SC Digital embraces diversity, so there's hiphop and half-speed rhythms constituting the global location effort. Dive in, and don't expect to get stung.

Download for free here

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