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Friday, 10 June 2011

SubVersion Stop 130: Infinite Sloth - Best Of The Distortion Days LP (Black Hoe 091 download)

Ambiguity, house chores, argumentativeness and privacy promote the sloth in each of us, four states where we lose the will to proceed at a fast pace, and achieve our fullest potential. Infinite Sloth's 2004-2008 Black Hoe LP resonates thusly, and applying simplest terms, deserves your patience. Folding D&B slogan creases: classical instruments, distortion, sampledelia within the amen edit: time-stretching; short loops; glitch; syncopation, "Paper Castle": it's all very reminiscent of Sublight's Enduser. This isn't Breakcore though - for one tempo sits below 180bpm; second edits adopt ordered systematic, not fissured aggro. "Conformity Conspiracy" relies on tried/tested Ed Rush pounding two-step, but here atmosphere ripens by a stattaco tighten up break rattling out a stop/start riddim track. If only it was given more time to coalesce and layer, and Fracture & Neptune trod the path smoother on Bassbin's "Wrong Think".

Interest lifts on his remix of Parallels "Looking Out Into The Sky", taking off the Amit basketball half-speed bounce and Techno grit. There's more space in texture, again, that perhaps could be filled by drones or pads, but sparseness as LP lengthens seems appreciation conduit rather than barrier. Filters lower those lead weight drums; instead of sinking, the low frequency melody keeps you on the edge while still feeling safe. Then after a short interlude, pummeling beat arrangements return to receiptent, but direction and momentum strikes a tad lost in programming masturbation. Lay off the Scorn pornogrind aping and we're - wait, another shift! "Untitled Halfstep Minus One" realises Sloth's abilities in the way Breakage developed from dubstep exposure post-2006. The playlist closes with two Gabba styled blasts of bill-shredder Noise & Bass.

Compos mentis of Infinite Sloth, from this appearance on Black Hoe, impressions him as a Spaniard impostor, interpreting D&B roots on an English chat show - technically very proficient - at points decidedly anal - however, altogether having a skewed perception on the format. Whether this will wash well with you, like a deliberate party piece, depends on how open you are to sound as language, and language isn't always as sound as sound. Capiche?

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