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Monday, 21 December 2009

SubVersion Stop 42: Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

Photo: Richard Lainhart's "Threshold" disc

There have been an array of online comments foretelling that music can be good for sleep, breathing, anxiety reduction et al. There have also been a multitude of mixtapes that put that stigma to the test. And we all have thresholds that limit our conscious perception of living and dreaming. "Threshold" is an excercise in assuaging these statements and reproducing their fruits.

Muttley - Threshold - December 2009

01. William Basinski & Richard Chartier - Untitled 2 (from Untitled 1-3)
02. Richard Lainhart - Threshold (from Threshold)
03. Fennesz & Sakamoto - Oto (from Cendre)
04. Felicia Atkinson & Sylvain Chaveau - How The Light (from Roman Anglais)
05. Richard Lainhart - Cranes Fly West 040706-2 (from Threshold)
06. David Tagg - Cave Light Spectrum (from Dulcimer Studies)
07. Ian Hawgood - Ginseng & Polaramin, And One Long Slumber (from Before I Let The Sunshine Rot)
08. Quosp - Night Coast (from Soundscapes I)
09. Aphex Twin - Blue Calx (from Selected Ambient Works Vol.2)
10. Leyland Kirby - Tonight Is The Last Night Of The World (from Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was)


I use "Threshold's" timeline as a measure of how active I've been that day. I then estimate what I can do to improve my sleep. By sharing this I trust there are individuals that believe in meditation, inner calm and replacing nothingness with something to treasure for years. The tracks may or may not resonate with the listener, but what they do achieve is lulling the brain and causing panic to subside.

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