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Saturday, 12 December 2009

SubVersion Stop 38: Muttley - White Horizon (November 2009)

Originally posted by Dave Trax on djtrax.wordpress.com

"This blog was set up to host News, Mixes and Videos from DJ Trax. However, Muttley has given so much support to the underground scene and therefore I'm proud to host his latest mix."


01 - ICR - Misspent (Misspent Music)
02 - Probe-One - Protocol (Covert Operations)
03 - Silent Witness - Amazon (DNAudio)
04 - Hipnotic - White Horizon (D:Art Recordings Unreleased)
05 - ASC & Subwave - Storm System (Covert Operations)
06 - DJ Trax - This One (Subvert Central)
07 - Cloak & Dagger - Soul Sauce (Subtle Audio)

Download exclusively at djtrax.wordpress.com

"White Horizon" is ordinated for clubs at peak or primetime, when handled with enough discern. The health of dancefloors worldwide survives on variation, but you won't encounter selections like this at the majority of drum and bass nights. I view the problem like film transgression. If we call punter satisfaction crucial, most events are Hollywood blockbusters, where trailers fabricate longevity, and idiosyncracies are wasted. With "White Horizon" I chose a cross-section from digital and vinyl labels, that are either today defunct, or running on subscription protocols.

You get a package that's a labour of love, and not commodified - as is your average big-buck flick. The Hipnotic track remains the sole tune with a two-step beat. It highlights that as a DJ, you don't have to revert to heavy-hitters.

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