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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

SubVersion Stop 43: Muttley - Caught In Static (December 2009)

Photo: Sawako

Movement is tried and tested artistically. It facillitates growth opportunities, frees stangnancy and liberates matters from a rigid structure. However, there are also phases that benefit from being 'stuck'. "Caught In Static" accrues such temporality.

A companion piece to "Mind Over Matter", we've had the sleep selection "Threshold", sequenced to revitalise, now is the turn of specifically chosen tracks that have a time-lapsed feel to them, which, paradoxically, condenses my concentration into a small block and appertains to reap rewards of dedication and perserverence.


Sawako - Cloud No Crowd (from Hum)
02. Apalusa - Live From The Dry Valley's (from Live From The Dry Valley's)
03. Stars Of The Lid - Arch Song (from Music For The Ballasted Orchestra)
04. Marow - Hadar (from Scintillation)
05. Last Days - Nothing Stays The Same, Nothing Ever Ends (from The Safety Of The North)


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