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Friday, 25 December 2009

SubVersion Stop 48: Fushara - Protective Instinct (December 2009)

I was introduced to Fushara by Plainaudio's "Rising" EP, whereby "Symbol Of State" stuck out. Slowing the tempo, he's very kindy offered the 15 Minutes Of Fame mix series "Protective Instinct". A righteous 145bpm venture through bass, Krome & Time piano motifs, piston-precision atmospherics and plentifully multicoloured breakbeats, he's subsequently showcasing some tracks from his forthcoming album on Make:Shift. It's, by this example, a welcomely noble addition to their already high standard catalogue.


01. Fushara - Breakbeat Sign
02. Fushara - Digitalism (Make:Shift-from forthcoming album Tales from A Concrete City)
03. Fushara - Sharpy
04. Fushara - Rate Control
05. Fushara - Element
06. Fushara - Distorted Thinking
07. Fushara - 3am London Borough (Make:Shift-from forthcoming album Tales from A Concrete City)
08. Fushara District 10
09. Fushara Urban Decay part 1 and 2

Mixed in Serato Scratch.


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