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Saturday, 12 December 2009

SubVersion Stop 41: Muttley - Mind Over Matter (December 2009)

Photo: Leyland Kirby

There are all manner of things we have to overcome as we exist. Whether it's baby steps, speech, refraining from urges, balancing work with love, or simply bypassing the tumultuous chaos around us, everything is valid, yet somehow, the mind is not strictly as it seems. With the advent of technology doing more of the work for us, drifting and distracting ourselves can increase.

"Mind Over Matter" is a cornerstone for such behaviour. It sprouted from procrastination and my attention span waning when studying for my Open University course. I'm presented units each week, and listening exercises on accompanying CDs demand me to focus in a variety of ranges.

Active and passive listening, timbre, structures and forms, texture, writing about sound: it's a budding music journalists' paradise.

I like every Muttley mixtape to have a theme. This one is obvious. You can do it. You can pick yourself up and face the hardships, frustrations and enigmas the world throws at you. Even if you're singularly partaking in discovery, you are never just 'you' - but you're ideally welcome to be yourself. There is likely a fourth dimension in the panoramic distance, one that we all uncover when the mists of grey vanish and we're left with achievement or failure.

Whatever the outcome, sometimes we need an informal push, and I hope this selection will help incentivise and inspire a few people to remember that memories live longer than dreams.


01. Robert Haigh - Tomorrow Never Came (1989) (from Notes And Crossings)
02. Leyland Kirby - Memories Live Longer Than Dreams (from Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was)
03. Goldmund - Light (from Two Point Discrimination)
04. Sylvain Chaveau - Staring (from Nuage)
05. 36 - Inside (from Hypersona)
06. Arlo Bigazzi & Arturo Staleri - Stregatto (from Zaum Vol.1)
07. eDIT - Twenty Minutes (from Crying Over Pros For No Reason)
08. Krzysztof Orluk - Beautiful Mind (from Blurred Reflection)
09. Boards Of Canada - Dawn Chorus (from Geogaddi)
10. Skindred - Who Are You? (from Shark Bites And Dog Fights)


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