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Sunday, 27 December 2009

SubVersion Stop 50: Muttley - Back To Mine Pt.3 - Dark Days, They Make Us Believe We're Someone Else

The 50th SubVersion instalment brings a special New Year gift into circulation...

Muttley - Back To Mine Pt.3 - Dark Days, They Make Us Believe We're Someone Else

Well here it be: my opus to end 2009. The first 'Back To Mine' - "Overshadowed" - was heralded as a return to being myself. The second - "Reflections" - a home listening catch-all for mental disorders. This, in its unhurried incantation, is for putting the past behind me, revisiting, and travelling to and from my chosen occupation.

Around this period I furthered my inquisitivity for classical and ambient music, speaking to a 60-nearing friend there of his passion for opera. "Dark Days, They Make Us Believe We're Someone Else" is an aid to get myself in the right mindset to guarantee I don't have ensuing apothesis'.

"Where Are You?" I discovered via Paradigm X's excellent 15 Minutes Of Fame debut - "Vocalisms". I decided I needed a rhetorical buffer to maximise the changing of styles early in the set, and the calming of textures with the musical. The transition isn't smooth - I aimed to undercut the subsidence to a minimal drone, where synchronizing written with aural was a conduit - "How To Catch The Right Thought" (track 4)?

This is what awaits us, subjectively - a well of despair and self-destruction, where our true self is disconnected, and defective behaviour longs for spiritual manna. Favourites that have stayed with me through thick and thin resolve the loose ends. Koen Holtkamp's "Night Swimmer", Richard Skelton's "Shore" and Mogwai's "Chocky" are emotionally poignant enough to heal impermanent silences.

The last tune on this, Sigur Rós' "Viõrar Vel Til Loftárasa" I'd like to have played at my funeral. I have sat up until early hours on NYE with this serenading the room and it always activates shivers when the crescendo hits. I hope you have a productive 2010 and that "Dark Days, They Make Us Believe We're Someone Else" won't dim your lights, those which I hope will shine brighter towards the good in the coming echoes.


01. Coil - Where Are You? (from Musik To Play In The Dark CD 2)
02. Zelienople - Slaving (from Gone OST)
03. Oophoi - Dimensional Passage (from Night Currents)
04. Hildur Gudanottir, BJ Nilsen & Stillupsteypa - How To Catch The Right Thought (from Second Childhood)
05. Fennesz - City Of Light (from Venice)
06. Milieu - Six Fourteen (from Brother)
07. Aphex Twin - SAW Untitled 1 (from Selected Ambient Works Vol.2)
08. Lawrence English & Tom Hall - Lines Twine Oscillation (from Euphonia)
09. Koen Holtkamp - Night Swimmer (from Field Rituals)
10. Obfusc - Alto Piano (from the split w/ David Tagg)
11. Atomic Skunk - Suspended Ascent (free download - www.atomicskunk.com)
12. Inverz - New Found Lands, New Found Sounds (from Slow)
13. Richard Skelton - Shore (from Marking Time)
14. Mogwai - Chocky (from Come On Die Young)
15. Lamenter - Kinski For Halloween (from Sleeping Me)
16. Inverz - Everything In Order (from Slow)
17. Greg Haines - Caesura (from Slumber Tides)
18. Mono & World's End Girlfriend - Trailer 1 (from Palmless Prayer: Mass Murder Refrain)
19. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Blaise Bailey Finnegan III (excerpt) (from Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada)
20. Arvo Part - The Beatitudes (from Part)
21. Sigur Rós - Viõrar Vel Til Loftárasa (from Ágætis Byrjun)


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