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Friday, 8 January 2010

SubVersion Stop 51: Muttley & Guests - The 15 Minutes Of Fame Mix Series (2006-2010 archive)

Easy all

Back in the July of 2006 I decided to begin a mix series dedicated to underexposed artists, and their assorted enterprises. Still entitled as such, "15 Minutes Of Fame" has gone on to accumulate over 45000 downloads since its inception. Through the link underneath this text you will find all folders to my music exposure projects:


And below that is an updated blog on the series, complete with the guidelines for onlookers and DJs alike to adhere to:


1. Up to 40 minutes in length

2. No more than 10 tracks

3. Unsigned and signed tracks can feature

4. All genres can be covered where applicable

5. All tracks mixed in key where possible

6. The aim of each mix should be to promote the artists featured, not the skills of the DJ.

7. Any means of mixing are acceptable, live or programmed, but state what you used.

8. Each set-list will include as much information about the tracks and artists as possible in order to act as a highly informative resource for the listener. External links - for example myspace pages, other selected tracks, music reviews and more can be implemented as you see fit, providing they will be deemed as relevant for the audience to use.



1. Gaps between mixes may vary for several reasons. There is no set time for each new set to pop up.

2. I'm not a mixing robot. And because I realise this, I can attest that, as a contributor you don't have to be. There will be no egos. Just good music, first and foremost.

3. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean the contributors will want to be shielded from constructive criticism. I certainly don't, rest assured. If you can spare a few words here and there, then please do. Because as far as I see, feedback is the only way a mini-movement of selectors can move forward and better themselves proactively.


The 2006-2010 archive can be found via the following link:


Every set published on this blog, barring the SubVersion recommends series is a 15 Minutes Of Fame mixtape, exclusive to SubVersion, and stroke or it's initial source.


Finally, if you're reading this text and wondering how you as an artist can possibly see your music featured, or if you'd like to contribute a set, here's the lowdown...


Submitting tracks and mixes

To do this you can:

1. Send me a private message through whatever forum this text is posted on.

2. Contact me via email at: fifteenminutesofmuttley@hotmail.co.uk

3. Post in threads such as the one you may be reading right now.

Your mix will receive a permanent home on the muttley.kapsil.net server, be supported on whatever forums SubVersion visits, and be archived with a wealth of source material for present and future enjoyment.


'15 Minutes OF Fame' was partly inspired by the Subvert Central Podcasts, a series which holds parallels in terms of welcoming diversity in the selections presented. Seeing as this concept is now well and truly off the ground it appeared the ideal time for me to align it with another of similar mindset, and enable the spreading of this small internet project further than originally intended. Special thanks go to Ben Subvert (aka Scope) for accepting my request for conjoining the projects under one recognisable banner.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support on the forums about this series. It's truly appreciated and makes it all seem worth investing time in.

Bests, and many thanks for reading

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