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Friday, 8 January 2010

SubVersion Stop 52: Muttley - Starting All Over (January 2010)

If you're a follower of my sets you'll perhaps remember that I got a reply from the woman that inspired many early efforts. Well, four months on from telling me she'll explain everything, and prior to observing her as status: online while I've been using instant messenger for more hours than I can count, she deserves no sympathy for leading me on to believe I'll ever get a mature response to rectify positioning I stand in with her. I haven't chased her up, and I won't be contacting her again.

If she reads this, I hope she can see the error of her ways - in causing multiple fractures in my lifestyle - but I doubt it. I know I shouldn't resent her for it, and maybe she's decided to let me down lightly - as an alternative to traded words that could get bent out of shape in her perception. In any language, though, it speaks volumes for a lack of integrity on her part, and the misinformation no doubt fed by her friends.

"Starting All Over" is what I'll be using to emblematize the shift of my worries to becoming chaff from the wheat. They - belief she was down, depressed or dejected, serve no purpose now. I was flustered by resultant issues and the "not knowing" stage, but I don't have to go through with that anymore. Gordon Giltrap's "Starting All Over" puts things pertinently in perspective: "Don't tell me my line of thoughts' out of line / I don't need anyone, me and my chicken run / I'm singing a song, feeling fine".

This mixtape has more songwriting than my last five instalments put together. It isn't that idiosyncratic, to contrast previous work in 2009. All the same, there are several personas the lyrics can appeal to. Beck Lanehart's "Reckless" meanders in a story of love that pulls heartstrings to fathoms off the map, whereas PJ Harvey and John Parish's "Passionless, Pointless" is asking "Where does the passion go?". Clannad's "Something To Believe In" is included as I built this as my mother's birthday present in 2009, whereby my parents are fans of the album "Past - Present"- as I am as well.

It's taken so long for me to put this online because I was longing it out for that woman to pluck the courage and return the favour with friendship. I was waiting for what we shared to be recouped innocently, as it started. Now 2010 is upon us, I can safely say I'm sick of it, past it, and have moved on completely. I hope if you believe in New Year's resolutions that yours come true and alive - mine is to never deal with this hardship again. Whenever I am tempted, the warmth has faded. Begone is the useless symptom - in comes the truth of soul, distilled for evermore.


01. Gordon Giltrap - Starting All Over (from the album "Testament Of Time")
02. Neil Halstead - Witless Or Wise (from the album "Oh! Mighty Engine")
03. Beck Lanehart - Reckless (CD-R)
04. PJ Harvey & John Parish - Passionless, Pointless (from the album "A Woman A Man Walked By")
05. Clannad - Something To Believe In (from the album "Past: Present")
06. Eluvium - Intermission (from the album "Copia")
07. Neil Halstead - A Gentle Heart (from the album "Oh! Mighty Engine")
08. Grouper - When We Fall (from the album "Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill")
09. Paavoharju - Tuoksu Tarttuu Meihin (from the album "Laulu Laakson Kukista")
10. Gordon Giltrap - Deserter (from the album "Perilous Journey")
11. Bill Frisell - Eli (from the album "The Intercontinentals")


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