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Thursday, 28 January 2010

SubVersion Stop 67: Badmammal - Desobrigamento (goodluck/badluck CD)

He's carved out a unique sound, therefore it'd be foolish to accuse Chris Matule, the man behind the Badmammal project, of bandwagon-jumping. His previous life as Process, signed to leftfield drum 'n' bass stable Ohm Resistance, could implode his individuality to movements such as "minimal", with stripped down bore-fests the worst case scenario. What his work implicitly signifies - simplicity with a nuanced edge - is married with far-reaching titling, and a stylistic IDM middle with Venetian Snares' "Cavalcade Of Glee", and Mu-Ziq's "Duntisborne Abbots Soulmate Devastation Technique".

Taken from a book that uses several languages, especially Spanish and Portuguese, "Desobrigamento", Matule's fourth self-released CD, is definitely on par with "Carrying A Deranged Gospel Choir", his debut for the imprint. From first listen, one notable feature is its adherence to a similar speed throughout. Appreciation arises from catchy melodic phrases, but "Desobrigamento" ultimately shines due to its percussive versatility.

"Paper 8s" is a highlight early on, marrying honeycomb melodic timbres to drum metamorphosis. Adrenalin-rush-inducing moments prolong the intoxicating vibe. I can imagine a track like this going down well at a house party, early morning, with drinks in hand. This could also be said of the entirety.

Dedicated to a friend whose father passed away, “Sending And Taking” is for me the epitome of the Badmammal brand - lots of heart-grabbing melodics by way of strings and strums, correlative, subdued beat programming that doesn't detract from the lavishness of instrumentation, and soul in spades. Leave it to “Desobrigamento” to reinforce belief in what's worthwhile, and brighten up one's day. Language barriers aren't applicable here.

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