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Friday, 8 January 2010

SubVersion Stop 57: Muttley - Patience Of Saints Remembered (January 2010)

Seeing as I'm up to 30 instalments in 15 Minutes Of Fame mix series to date, I thought I'd try and flip the script with concepts. "Patience Of Saints Remembered" is the distillate of deeper listening to albums that take a few sessions to cherish and affectionately revisit. Each track is picked from the end of the respective LP or sequence.

I've lifted from the specified LPs before, so rather than just choosing tunes and leaving it at that, I aspired to showcase another tangent which could go unnoticed, if the audience quantified the mood of complete works by just one track alone.

Yui Onodera's "Untitled 7" rises from the artificial murk and tempo adjustments of work prior. Carl Sagan's Ghost's "The Patience Of A Saint III", whose title inspired this effort, instills guitar to the ambient picture. Max Richter's "H Thinks A Journey" provides a more subtle overtone than "This Picture Of Us. P" (15 MOF Pt.23). Aquadorsa's "Night Of Trembing Stars" is ultimately woozier, with melodies that traverse like stardust over fragmented narratives.

Last Days' "Onwards" initiates a pulse in comparison to "Nothing Stays The Same, Nothing Ever Ends" (15 MOF Pt. 21). "Gray Hued Sky" by Chihei Hatakeyama invites more hazy undercurrents than past selections from Hibernate Sampler 1. Milieu's "Dream From Above Houses" affixes an uplifting yet melancholic air when paired with "Six Fourteen" (Muttley - Back To Mine Pt.3).

SpeaK's "Choose A Different Road" compacts the highs and lows of themes hinted at with "Drowning Peacefully" (15 MOF Pt. 25) and "The Sun Resonates With You" (15 MOF Pt. 27). "Games Again" from Peter Broderick conjures an instrumentally richer perspective of his folk-inclusive "Home" long-player. Finally, Nils Frahm's "Somewhere Nearby" places altruistic emphasis on the backbone of his improvisations throughout "The Bells" disc.

I'm always searching for fresh ideas for mixes, so if you like this and want to influence what I come up with next, be my guest to drop an email or comment.


01. Yui Onodera - Untitled 7 (from the album Punkt)
02. Carl Sagan's Ghost - The Patience Of A Saint III (from the album At The End Of It All)
03. Max Richter - H Thinks A Journey (from the album 24 Postcards)
04. Aquadorsa - Night Of Trembling Stars (from the album Cloudlands)
05. Last Days - Onwards (from the album The Safety Of The North)
06. Chihei Hatakeyama - Gray Hued Sky (from the album Hibernate Sampler 1)
07. Milieu - Dream From Above Houses (from the album Brother)
08. SpeaK - Choose A Different Road (from the album Once Nomadic)
09. Peter Broderick - Games Again (from the album Home)
10. Nils Frahm - Somewhere Nearby (from the album The Bells)


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