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Friday, 8 January 2010

SubVersion Stop 53: Muttley - In The Face Of Loss (January 2010)

"In The Face Of Loss" is a light-hearted lament to how we don't always seem warranted, when we didn't get the fortunes we desired, where bricks are metaphorically falling on top of us, and if we're worried our work isn't up to par. The foundation was three-fold - I began reviewing gigs for pleasure stroke self-improvement in August 2009, whereby an encouraging email from Ronan @ Nightshift filled me with enthusiasm.

From August to December 2009 I've had five reviews published - one by Nightshift, one through Blues In Britain and three via Oxfordshire Music Scene. I aim to keep on with this hobby, but have bad days as well as good - for reasons you could glean from my writeups of past.

The second ruse was my Open University course. My tutor marked assessment was sent in and I'm awaiting critique with my grade. "In The Face Of Loss" is foreseeing the worst case scenario in that I fail the examination, and, making the problem bigger, the course itself.

Crucially, however, I was mainly influenced by a discussion with SC user Annastay. She gave me feedback on "Caught In Static", saying she could "kind of breathe mentally with it". Therefore my intention with "In The Face Of Loss" was to imagine a universally perfect tracklisting for soaking up battle scars; balancing grievances with gratification.

"Summertime" by Ringo Deathstarr was chosen for this specific seasoning: a dreamy shoegaze anthem, similar to Slowdive in essence of configuring reminiscence on the sunny days you had earlier that year, or years prior to that date. As ever, feedback welcome with open arms; I hope you enjoy the trip.


Marow - Caph (from the album Scintillation)
02. Peter James - In The Face Of Loss (from the album Holding On - Letting Go)
03. SpeaK - The Sun Resonates With You (from the album Once Nomadic)
04. Drowning The Virgin Silence - We Twist The Sun And Sea (from the album Beneath The Sulfur Sky)
05. Olafur Arnalds - Og Lengra (from the album Dyad 1909)
06. Zelienople - Indifferent Dreams (from the album Gone OST)
07. Low Light - Landing Dust (free download - www.lowlightmixes.blogspot.com)
08. Marcus Schmickler - 22 Gliders_Rule 4 (from the album Param)
09. Hammock - This Kind Of Life Keeps Breaking Your Heart (from the album Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow)
10. Stars Of The Lid - Dungtitled (In A Major) (from the album And Their Refinement Of The Decline)
11. Ringo Deathstarr - Summertime (from the EP In Love)


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