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Thursday, 28 January 2010

SubVersion Stop 66: Muttley - Closing Down (January 2010)

Carl Sagan's Ghost's "Closing Down" was the initiator for this concept - undertaking with association triggers. Sometimes I'm afflicted by nervous energy, and I have to disconnect from my computer or internet; in essence, to close down.

"Closing Down" is a specially made soundtrack - like "The Eyes, They See An Ominous Pillar" was, that serves to heal reaching normality once again, spanning 34 minutes.

"Now, well now it's time, to pull yourselves into lines, and raise and rise, push your leaves and branches high" sings Leo Chadburn at the tail end; a telling narrative to pick yourself up whatever background you have. This won't be to everyone's taste.


Carl Sagan's Ghost - Closing Down (from the EP Colonian Spa)
02. Matthew Robert Cooper (Eluvium) - Radial Summer / Signal Evening (from the album Peeling)
03. Richard Skelton - Scar Tissue (from the album Landings)
04. Charles Stanyan - The Path From My Door At Night (from the album Peeling)
05. Last Days - May Your Days Be Gold (from the album The Safety Of The North)
06. Darren Harper - The Long Goodnight (from the album Time Forgotten)
07. Olafur Arnalds - Vi Vorum Sm (Dyad 1909 Version) (from the album Dyad 1909)
08. Andrea Belfi - Sleeping With Extraevil (from the album Between Neck And Stomach)
09. Language Of Landscape - And The Rain Embraced Our Closing Worlds (from the album Memories Fade Under A Shallow Autumn Snow)
10. Leafcutter John - Let It Begin (from the album The Forest And The Sea)



  1. ooh, lovely tracklist. i'm definitely going to listen to this one next

  2. Hadn't gotten past the first 10 or so mins previously, but gave it a third try or so and listened in entirety tonight. =) Glad as it was overall a nice mix, calming expiernce as a whole. Really like the peace that last days brings into it half way. The last song - Let It Begin was a very pleasant surprise, such a beautiful track for the closing.