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Friday, 8 January 2010

SubVersion Stop 54: Muttley - I Toss And Turn, But There Is Light Somewhere (January 2010)

I had a selection of recordings in this tracklist playing at varying intervals while I slept on New Year's Day, and thought it would be cool to try and capture the peak- to-trough schematic of my brain switching on and off from the music. I had my headphones in, tossed and turned in bed to the sounds of ambient, waking up in the middle of tunes, being lulled to rest by them in succession.

Most of the records are fairly new - the Hibernate Sampler was released in winter 2009 and is highly recommended by myself - and best of all, it's a free download! For sleep theme variations, search out "Threshold", and be sure that "Tension Is A Ruse", a forthcoming instalment, will prolong investment in how we can handle everyday occurences.


01. Steve Roach - Opening Sky (from the album Dynamic Stillness)
02. Lexithimie - Scale 1 (from the album Hibernate Sampler 1)
03. Carl Sagan's Ghost - Solitude I (from the album At The End Of It All)
04. Peter James - Still (from the album Holding On - Letting Go)
05. Eluvium - Everything To Come (from the album Talk Amongst The Trees)
06. Bas Van Huizen - Diggeldenker (from the album Ontgalman)
07. Northener - The End Of December (from the album Hibernate Sampler 1)
08. Stars Of The Lid - Don't Bother They're Here (from the album And Their Refinement Of The Decline)
09. Porzellan - Rosen (from the album Hibernate Sampler 1)
10. Sundog Peacehouse - Mountain Triple Ocean (from the album Brosound)


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