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Friday, 29 January 2010

SubVersion Stop 68: Muttley - Isolate - for www.ambientblog.net

The Subvert Central community has helped me grow so much since I joined. "Isolate" is dedicated to Jon Statto, who's always been there to lend a hand with blogging feedback.

I picked drones as a leitmotif, as Statto is a lover of such. The catharsis doubles as a controlling agent (see my "Better Days To Come" mixtape for further analysis), structured with meditative properties.

"Isolate" foretells the emotions I conjure from being warmed by Jon. "What has begun, cannot be stopped" from Noisia's "The Tide" ends the program, a signal to 2010 that there will optimistically be more Muttley sets, more dedications, more progression, and more of what makes the world positively tick.


01. Asher - 14 (from the album "Landscape Studies")
02. Sean Mcann - Cathedral Of Limbs (from the album "A Wind In Their Way")
03. Oophoi - Floating (from the album "Night Currents")
04. Billy Gomberg - Lights Form Her Body (from the album "Days")
05. Leyland Kirby - Stralaeur Peninsula (from the album "Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was")
06. Eliane Radigue - Koume (from the album "Trilogie De La Mort")
07. David Tagg - Desperate Air (from the album "Dulcimer Studies")
08. Quosp - Slope (from the album "Grassland Melodies")
09. Tim Hecker - Harmony In Blue II (from the album "Harmony In Ultraviolet")
10. Peter Broderick - Floating / Sinking (from the album "Float")
11. Noisia - The Tide (excerpt) (from the Vision 001 12')

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